Why TV remains the world’s most effective advertising ?

Why TV remains the world’s most effective advertising ?

Television has been a popular medium for advertising since its invention in the 20th century. Even after the development of the mass media platforms, television holds a firm edifice airing advertisements to a larger audience. The big brands tend to achieve more success by investing larger capital in publicising their advertising on television. Yet the smaller brands’ too, with creative and catchy advertisements, actively get the opportunity to showcase the morals of their brand and gain prominence amongst the audience. TV holds a magnetic and resilient position globally when it comes to as a medium for effectively advertising contents of various brands and campaigns because audiences are still using this medium to stay updated about the happenings.

Let us now find out the reasons that influence television’s effectiveness in the world of advertising.

The crucial reasons signifying the effectiveness of television for advertisements:

  • The reach of the advertisement through TV is undeniable.

Television has time and again proved that it is tough to beat its reach by any other mass media platform. On average, the audience watches at least 3.1 hours of television every day, which has seen an even more significant increase of the watch hours during this Covid pandemic scenario. Thus, with the number of hours spent watching the TV, it is evident that the advertisements being aired in the commercial breaks are experiencing decisive success. 

  • Television still has undying popularity amongst people of all age ranges.

Television is still popular amongst the audience as it is still the most trusted platform for viewing news, entertainment and sports. Even though with the development of the mass media platforms, the popularity of TV has dropped that earlier, it still holds a solid audience base as the children are still hooked to them. About 70% of the world’s population still resort to television, which further cements its effectiveness in promoting advertisements.

  • Television is resilient.

Even in the age of developed mass media and the popularity of the OTT platforms, television has managed to prove to be a resilient medium. The invention of platforms like Netflix and YouTube, which are popularly streaming entertaining content, has not been able to polarise television completely. Television has stayed as a steadfast medium, sharing trusted content to popularise advertisements to a larger audience.

  • Television serves as a trusty medium.

The audience highly trusts the contents advertised through television. Television advertisements can gain the audience’s trust and achieve success as these advertisements through this medium get the ultimate chance of highlighting the product and mentioning its specifics in detail through sophisticated and creative content.

  • Television is genuinely an effective medium.

The advertisements featured on television have more impact on the audience’s minds than any other online platform. Even though airing advertisements on television is cost-effective, it has indeed been an effective medium for promoting advertisements for ages bringing more assured popularity to the advertisements than any other platform.

To conclude, the points mentioned above truly define the reasons why television is still the most effective advertising medium worldwide. This advertising medium is still prized for its intense popularity, effectiveness and audience reach.

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