How radio advertising can help brands find untapped audiences

How radio advertising can help brands find untapped audiences

Though often considered old-school, radio is still a medium that has stood the test of time. At the onset of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the AZ Research Partners Private Limited have noticed that a 23% increase of radio listeners is noted amid the audience of India. This pandemic has led the audience to tune in to their favourite radio channels to stay updated about worldly affairs and learn about the current pandemic situation and restrictions. With the increase in the number of radio listeners, various brands, too, have gained profits in advertising their content on the radio resulting in the upsurge of radio as a prestigious platform for advertising.

So, let us now explore the advantages and the steps to follow to use radio for advertising successfully.

What are the top advantages of radio advertising?

Radio advertising comes with many advantages. The significant benefits are listed in the following.

  • Radio is a flexible medium. Radio is one of the most flexible offline mediums as it allows you to make changes to your content in a short period. One can easily target advertisements to the audience based on the geographical location, time, program and channel. You can even customise your advertising based on your targeted region and audience further to boost the reach of the advertisement of the content.
  • Radio advertisement comes at a low expense. This radio advertisement is less expensive than television advertisement, as producing radio advertisements is more accessible than any other medium. As for creating a radio advertisement, one needs an audio recording studio, a voiceover artist, a post-production budget, and hire regional voiceover artists to translate the content to the regional language. It helps to initiate the push for the firm reach of the advertisement.
  • Radios have a vast reach. Radio advertisements are designed for an extended reach. Still, this medium tends to be more beneficial for region-based brands as the regional campaigns and promotions have a greater audience reach and success assuring high returns on the investments. Radios can target the vast locals of the nation, which seals the success of the advertisements having a hint of regional aspect to their content.

What are the steps leading to the success of radio advertisements?

There are three significant steps to follow, which will help reach the untapped audience and boost the advertisement’s success through the medium of radio.

  • Target Audience.

When you are looking forward to boosting your advertisement on the radio, it is crucial to know your target audience and shape your advertising content according to your audience’s preferences.

  • High Frequency is essential.

The advertisement’s success depends on the Frequency. The high-frequency will help gain prominence quickly, provided the advertisement has upbeat and catchy content.

  • Identify the peak hour.

While you are launching an advertisement on the radio, it is essential to cleverly pick the slots when airing your advertisement on the radio platform. It determines the reach of your content to the untapped audience leading to the success of your advertising via radio.  

Thus, radio still holds firm ground in helping advertisements gain prominence and popularity amongst the audiences.

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